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  • Skilled Shooting Machine Types - Built with the street operator in mind; C-stores, Bars & game rooms. High Grade metal cabinets offer more durability and longer lasting equipment. Professionally integrated interior components with built in automatic LED lighting. We use high grade micros in joysticks and buttons, easy access control panel, premium sound system with subwoofers for player attraction and heavy duty wheels for easy maneuverability.  The set up time is minimal. There are other options that can be included such as; Card systems, RKS, DBA, or printers. Key In/Out is standard. Proudly made in America.

    • Standard - Includes drink holders, super heavy duty steel bar hasp for cash box and game board security, and durable security locks with solid key.

    • Premium -  Curved ergonomic hand rest, hydraulic front lift entry to control panel, LED lights for attraction, Back-lit designer marquee monitor with custom acrylic 

    • Platinum - Sleek and innovative design, Angled button panel with premium stitched leather hand rest, larger HD LCD monitor, and reinforced steel frame using high grade materials.         

  • Software - Industry Leaders in software available 

  • EMP 

    • Alarm system intercepts the signal by jammers that cheaters are using

    • Picks up multiple frequencies

  • Mobile games

    • Shooting style games 

    • *Certain games only available within the limits of state laws

Compliance Laws Disclaimer:

In connection with the purchase, use or operation of the Hardware, Software or Services you represent and warrant the following:

We stand to fully comply with laws wherever they apply.  Some products and services may not be available in every state. 

You shall obtain all licenses, permits and approvals required by any government or applicable authority, and you will comply with all country, federal and state laws, ordinances, code regulations, rules, policies and procedures of any government or other competent authority where the Hardware, Software or Services are purchased by you or are to be sold, used or deployed. You shall not take any action or permit or authorize any action in violation of the applicable laws. You shall use your best efforts to regularly inform us of any requirements under any applicable Laws that directly or indirectly affect our company. If you use or operate our Hardware, Software, or Services in violation of any applicable law or authority and we are required to defend ourselves civilly or criminally, you shall reimburse us for the cost of defense.

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